Sunday, July 05, 2009

Angela is resting in the arms of her Maker

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Dear Friends,  It is with a heart  filled with lots of emotions I shared that our precious Angela has passed away this Sunday morning.  I will miss this sweet little girl but I rejoice that she is well and resting in the arms of Jesus.  The suffering, neglect and deprivation she went through here on earth by those who instead should have treasured, cared and loved her has come to an end.  I knew that only Jesus had the power to heal her and keep her with us and I  knew that I needed to leave that up to Him, knowing that His ways are greater than our ways.  My responsability was to be His hands to her and show her our Father's love for her as I had the opportunity to care for her.  Oh Lord Jesus how greatful I am for that oportunity you gave me for that short period of time.  I am greatful for every chance I had to feed her, to hug her, to comfort her  and to love on her.  I am greatful for the times I saw my girls seating by her side either reading her a book or simply holding her hand,  The day before she went into the hospital I danced with her in my arms to the worship music my daughter Hope played with her guitar for us.  Thank you Jesus for those sweet times with Angela!  She touched my life and the life of my girls and also the lives of many as they felt drawn with love to pray for her.  The many emails I received after sending news on Angela were a displayed of God's love among His people.  E mails filled with encouragement, concerns and offers to help,  and love.  Thank you to all of you for your prayers during this time and we all know that this is not the end as we have the hope one day we will see Angela again in our heavenly home.
Blessed be the name of the Lord!
In His Service,

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