Friday, July 03, 2009

Please pray for Angela

I received this email from a missionary that we know that works at an orphanage in Africa. Please pray for this situation.

Dear Friends,  I just want to warn you about the picture.  This is Angela the 6 year old girl whom I have been caring for for the last 3 or 4 days(I lost track)  It has been extremely heart breaking.  She weights 20 pounds.  As you can see in the picture she is just bones like the kids we sometimes see on tv from Africa.  Her story is so sad and I will share it later.  I've been pouring myself into this little girl because she has touched my heart in a special way.  I have been having to feed her formula every two hours.  She is extremely weak.  Tuesday Night I ended up at the hospital with her to give her a blood transfusion because she was completely out of blood.  Her eye lid was white as a paper so were her hands.  She improved a bit  until this afternoon when she began to not look good at all.  We have a team here now and there is a pediatrician.  After calling her to come and checked Angela she confirmed that she was not doing good and that she was about to have a heart failure.  So I grabbed her as quick as i could and we rushed her to the hospital.  After 10 intents of getting her vein to put her on an IV and not only give her fluids but give her more blood doctors opted for a more difficult procedure which is to get the needle in the bone and give the fluids and blood through it.  Doctors even asked me to stepped out because it was going to be extremelly difficult to see her go through the procedure.  Little Angela is now at the hospital batteling for her life.  Doctors were able to get the procedure done and she is getting blood and fluids and is as well on oxigen.  One of the doctors told me that her condition is very delicate and really only a miracle can save her life.  Please pray for her.  I know God's will is perfect and whatever He chooses is good and well.  But my heart truly wishes for Him to spare her life so that she may have another chance to be loved and cared how she should have been so for these 6 years fo her life.
Please feel free to pass this on to others to pray for her.  We, children, staff and missionaries at GSF appreciate your prayers on behalf of little Angela. 

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